Elena Tagliapietra

Elena Tagliapietra, italian artist, with her artistic visions of painted bodies, architectures and indefinite spaces, creates NFT, photographic and video works with a powerful and original language.
A transformation of the soul with performative action, to give voice to current social, environmental, cultural issues and at the same time seek harmony, beauty and the intensity of life.


Elena Tagliapietra creates photographs, videos and NFTs that shape unique works with great expressive power throught performances to immortalize the energy that forms between painted bodies, spaces and architectures, in total light or in absolute darkness. Painted souls are camouflaged in the beauty of precious places, stained in the pain of violence, become symbiotic with bright iconic architectures, scream to denounce the compression and control of man in the digital age.
On all the poetry, which shines through every performance, every photo, every video, every NFT which is the soul of Elena Tagliapietra, who with sensitivity and strength confronts the viewer with the many facets of the contemporary world, but also with herself. himself and his own awareness.
“In a world too full of lights, they often end up in the dark” where the real protagonists are not so much the bodies but the “TransAnimAzione”, an ancient term used by the artist to indicate the transformation of the soul through the performative action.
The art of this artist is born from the intensity of the language of the human body, its tensions and movements, from the dynamic and expressive force that signs and colors light up. Her artistic research is centered on narrating man, or rather the “Souls” of men, addressing various issues such as the relationship with the environment and architectural interventions, which can enrich or distort; violence against women and human loneliness, together with the lack of justice that leaves people without a voice. Social themes are intertwined with those dedicated to giving light to the beauty of the human body, transforming it into instant symbolic statues, in opposition to the commodification of the contemporary era.


Elena Tagliapietra was born in Venice and now lives in Milan where she has her studio. After an important international career as a gymnast, a degree in phisical education and an education in the field of contemporary dance and both analog and digital photography, she specializes in body painting, winning international awards. To the idea of highlighting the movement of bodies with sign and color, she combines her passion for photography, starting to create videos and performances, so much so that in 2012 one of his works was sold by Sotheby’s and in the same year he won a Special Price at the Arte Laguna Prize. Numerous national and international exhibitions follow, including in 2020 the solo photographic exhibitions SmallPaintedSouls, on the occasion of the 2020 Photofestival in Milan, and Seeking Beauty And Intensity Of Our Existence at the Stadtgalerie in Klagenfurt, Austria. The artist is supported by the Chelko Foundation of Atlanta and some of her performances have become symbols in the world of Venice and the city’s struggles to maintain its identity and integrity. Her works have been exhibited in the VITRARIA Glass A + Museum in Venice, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, MMKK Klagenfurt and have been sold at Sotheby’s charity auctions. In 2017 she won the Global Art Award in Dubai, Video Art category. From 2021 she was fascinated by the NFT medium and began her production.