VISIONARIE #3 video poetry

Two lives meet and hover in the air .
Poetry becomes correspondence , in which the words are a source of inspiration is the consequence of the words of the other.
The first poem was written by Mattia Sebastian , read from Elena , and her response is read by him .


This is ‘ the third of a series of twenty poems double called ‘ visionarie ‘

Technique: Digital Video – Uv light Body painting of hands
Year of the video : 2016, Milan ( Italy)
Director: De_Mo_Ne
Artistic Duo composed by the Director Sebastian Mattia & the Visual Artist Elena Tagliapietra

De_Mo_Ne report to ‘Default Mode Network’ : The default mode network is most commonly shown to be active when a person is not focused on the outside world and the brain is at wakeful rest, such as during daydreaming and mind-wandering, but it is also active when the individual is thinking about others, thinking about themselves, remembering the past, and planning for the future.

Exhibit : Jan 2016  – Video Raymi ,Lima , Peru’ IV Muestra Intarnacional Video Arte del Cusco

Dark and dull
I become
I like music
and your voice moves
my serenity

obscure and visionary
I become
I like the color
of your eyes

dark and predator
I become
your body fleeting
It comforts me tighten

dark and insatiable
if you do not feed me with smiles and madness

I become obscure
away from you


Bright and serene
I become
I like the melody
And your voice lights
New notes in me

Bright and inspired
I become
I like the color
Of your eyes

Bright and prey
I become
My body is found
looks for you and flees from you

Bright and thirsty
If pampering and cool my passion

I become light
Close to you


oscuro e sordo
mi piace la musica
e la tua voce muove
la mia serenità

oscuro e visionario
mi piace il colore
dei tuoi occhi

oscuro e predatore
il tuo corpo fuggente
mi conforta stringere

oscuro e insaziabile
se non mi nutri di sorrisi e follia

oscuro divento
lontano da te


Luminosa e serena
Mi piace la melodia
E la tua voce accende
Nuove note in me

Luminosa e ispirata
Mi piace il colore
Dei tuoi occhi

Luminosa e preda
Il mio corpo si fa trovare
Ti cerca e ti fugge

Luminosa e assetata
Se mi rinfreschi di coccole e passione

Luminosa divento
Vicino a te

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