SEEKING BEAUTY AND INTENSITY OF OUR EXHISTENCE – Body painting Art exhibition & performance

a photo, video and performance body painting project by ELENA TAGLIAPIETRA 2010-2020
Immagine anteprima YouTube
The city gallery in Klagenfurt hosts Italian artist Elena Tagliapietra’s Solo exhibition from 8th July – 6 September 2020
The exhibition presents her artistic research elaborated during the last decade for a deeper meaning in ordinary things, seeking the beauty and intensity of our existence.
She transforms human bodies into paintings by enhancing their unique identity, then, through live performances, the painted bodies become the genuine expression of her ideas.
The video shows the official opening during which the Artist realized a body art performance. Photos, video and performance of her major projects from 2010 to 2020 and some brand new projects were exposed.
The exhibition is part of the festival program of the World Bodypainting Festival 2020.
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A WB Production event
Performer: Laura Magnan
Video by Mike Wriessnig
photos by Daniel Janesch
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