Justice in light

‘Justice in Light’ is about loneliness because of justice denied and silenced, of every kind. It highlights what is being deliberately and cruelly obscured.Talk about of seclusion, injustice, suppressed fundamental rights. Cancellation of the person, tortures, death sentences. The images of the face and the body tell what the voices can not. But I don’t tell only about prison and war stories, I also talk about the ‘normal’ daily life of every person. About the violence against the women. About the change of a generation saturated of solitude in the middle of confusion, the need to fight every day but not fully understand the meaning of all this sadness that characterizes our times. The soul that can be seen between the lights, screams all the tension to freedom and maybe don’t search for an help anymore. In a world too much full of lights, too much often our feelings feel in the dark. I use the dark to give light.

‘Justice in light’ parla di giustizia negata e taciuta. Mette in luce quello che viene volutamente e barbaramente oscurato.Parla di solitudine, ingiustizia, diritti fondamentali soppressi. Annientamento della persona, torture, condanne a morte. Le immagini del volto e il corpo raccontano quello che le loro voci non possono.”

Uv color body painting on model – Digital photography

2012 Milan, Italy



















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