Elena Tagliapietra is one of the ten selected international artist who will be screened at the Bodypainting Film Festival during the Living Art America 2017 . The event will have place at the crown of the Caroline Theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina the 13th october 2017 at 7 p.m.

This is the world’s only bodypainting-themed film festival and is presented during  the North American Bodypainting Championship.

The Curators choosen 5 stop-motion video those Elena Tagliapietra created from 2010 to 2012 where she shows the transformation you can realize with bodypainting and makeup techniques. Other videos of Elena here

The selection will showcase the unique qualities and techniques involved in bringing this most “living” of art forms into full expression. The short films will enchant, delight and educate audiences, leaving them with a new and expanded appreciation for bodypainting and its role as a viable fine-art movement in our world today.

4 Blackpainter


1. Vilija Vitkute (Sweden)
“Elements” 5:35

2. Alex Berendregt (Austria)
“World Bodypainting Festival Highlights” 2:30

3. Julie Böhm (Germany)
“JAB Camouflage” 1:01
“Making of JAB Camouflage” 1:41

4. Elena Tagliapietra (Italy) 4:45
a. “It’s Just Make up”
b. “Numbers in Motion”
c. “Blackpainter”
d. “Game Over”
e. “Cyborg”

5. Robin Slonina (USA)
“Every Body Equal” 4:10

6. Thomas Espy (USA)
“Human Kaleidoscope” 12:27

7. Victoria Gugenheim (England)
“Unnerved – The Superhuman Body Handbook” 4:04

8. Megan Orr (USA)
“Personal Identity” 15:30

9. Vesa Kivinen (Finland)
“ARTEVO” 12:28

10. Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco (USA)
“Of Sirenuse” featuring Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands 4:55
Musical performance by Crystal Bright